Sunday, April 22, 2012

heart of strings

Hi everyone,

I'm back after a busy period. My sister married the love of her life last Friday. And I was the master of ceremonies, which meant that I had quite some things to arrange. Fortunately everything went well and it was a lovely day. :D The bride and groom looked amazing and the weather was great too.

The day before the wedding I created the wedding cake. It was my first tiered cake ever and I was quite tensed. But it turned out okay eventually.
I wanted to upload the picture of it, but then I realised it is not on my computer yet. So, I'll add that one later.

I also wanted to share with you the gift I made for them. I got the idea from Pinterest. It is a wooden board which I painted white. Then I drew a huge heart on a piece of paper. Then I traced this line with hammering in nails every inch or so. Once that was done, I pulled off the paper. After that I put the red string around all the nails randomly. Once I thought I had enough strings, I created an outline so the heart would pop even more.
And then it was time to decorate. You can put anything between the strings. Here I used pictures and an envelop to hold the gift. I will also show you a option without the strings. Then you can hang things from the nails. That also looks cute I think.

That's all for today. I'll show you more next time, but now I really have to go to bed.

I still believe that all you need is love...

love, Marjan