Sunday, January 27, 2013

water colour painting

When I was browsing through my folder of inspirational pictures, I found a great painting. I was so in love with it, that I decided to recreate it. I don't know whose work it is, but I want to thank this person for the upportunity to explore the possibilities of water colour paint without having to think about what to create. I'm sorry that I can't really give credit to the creator. Without further ado, here is the painting.

I know it's not perfect at all, but I do like it. Next time I'll try to make my very own painting instead of have an existing painting as a basis.
I've also made a canvas out of the last page of my art journal. I liked it so much, that I recreated it on a canvas. I didn't photograph it yet, so you'll see it next time.
Have a good week and count your blessings.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

stay positive, stay strong

A week ago, after I posted my last blog post, I created another page in my art journal. I couldn't make a good picture of it then because it was dark. But now I did make some pictures of it.
I've got it displayed in my living room, 'cause I love the quote that's on it and it helps me to stay positive.

And I also made a card for mother. She wanted to send a woman who is in the hospital a handmade card and asked me to make it. So, I did. It's not very original, but it's okay.

I wish you all a lovely, relaxed week!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy new year!

First of all I wish you all a very happy new year. I hope you'll have a lovely year with a lot of love, health and creativity.
After quite a long period I'm back with some creations I made in the last few weeks. Although things got even worse in the last couple of weeks, I still made a few things to clear my head.
The first thing I want to show you are these balls. I had some styropor balls and wanted to make something with it. Because I'm changing my living room, I wanted to introduce the colour grey into it. That's because I love grey! It's my new favourite colour!
It is very easy to make these balls. All you have to do is put some glue on them and cover them with thread. I made two for decoration and also one to put in the Christmas tree.

Next up is a page in my art journal. I love it 'cause it reflects my feelings at that time. I used a TCW mask for it and sprayed some glimmer mist on it. I painted the border with acrylic paint and used several stamps. Finally I cut some rain drops and glued them beneath the clouds. The quote I got from Pinterest.

Then I've got two cards to share with. One of them is for friends who bought a new house and the other one is for a friend who had her birthday.

I saw this great concept on Pinterest. When you put non-sanded grout in your paint, you get chalkboard paint. Since I was going to paint the wall in my living room grey, I thought it would give a nice effect to do that. But first I tried to draw with some chalk on my wall as it was. And you know what? It worked anyway, 'cause the wall is structured. So, no need for grout. ;)

Hopefully I'll be having more time to get creative and I'll show you again once I have done so. Have a lovely week!