Monday, July 30, 2012

hand carved stamp

Lately I have been watching quite some You Tube videos. It is so inspiring! Although I do have to keep track of time so I also get to creating myself. ;)
A couple of days ago I saw a video on carving your own stamp out of an eraser. That seemed like so much fun that I bougt some erasers and started carving with my craft knife.
To be honest, I didn't think it would really work out 'cause I didn't have the right tools for it (just my craft knife). But, surprisingly it worked just fine.
I drew some kind of flower onto the eraser (I couldn't find a suitable picture on Google, so I just made one myself) and started carving. After a few test stampings I got the result I hoped for. Of course it's not perfect, but that's exactly the feeling I wanted the stamp to give. I love it!

Next to the hand carving, I'm also working on a layout that's almost finished. I'll show you as soon as it is finished.


Monday, July 23, 2012

gifts and art journals

Hello everyone, I'm back and it's not even Sunday. ;) No, my holiday kind of started. :D Why I say 'kind of' you ask? Because I have two jobs and for one I'm off already and for the other one I still have to work for two more weeks. This in fact means that I have to work 2 days per week for the coming two weeks. After that I'll be completely off for three weeks.
In these three weeks we will be off to Paris, Disneyland and Brugge (Belgium). I'm really looking forward to this!
Today it's a lovely day in Holland. Finally it actually feels like summer. It really makes me feel happy.
But enough of the chit chat. I wanted to show some things I've made. First of all I want to show you the gifts I made for my two interns/trainees. They want to become speech and language therapists as well. So, I made these boxes for them which hold a lot of small things one can use during therapy.

I also gift wrapped another present. I really liked the look of that and want to show you that too.

Yesterday I felt creative and did some art journaling. I've created a double page and a single page. I do like them both. Unfortunately the glimmer of the double page is not really visible. In real life it really shines.

The single page art journal was created around this card I made during a mini workshop by Creabest. I've used Tattered Angels products on this one.

Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY tealight holder

Hello everyone,

I've done some creative things this weekend and the first thing I'll share with you is this diy tealight holder.
I've found this glass in the attic and thought I would make a tealight holder out of it. I found the inspiration for it on Pinterest. And it's so easy!
First you tie some string around the glass. You can slide the string just the way you want it to be. Then you grap your spray paint and put a few layers over the glass. I used two layers for this one. Watch out that the layers aren't too thick. My first one was too thick and that caused a little drippage...
After the paint dries, you can cut the string and voila, there is your diy tealight holder. Now all you have to do is put a tealight in it and the light will shine through the unpainted stripes. Lovely!
Have a good weekend!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A lot of layouts

Hi to all of you,

I'm back with a massive update again. The first thing I have to tell you is that I didn't make it this year to finish the competition. I was really bummed that I couldn't complete it.
I was just too busy with work this year. In advance I thought I would be able to make it, just like last year. But I bit off more than I could chew this time. So, when I was about half way, I had to give up.
Nontheless I did create quite a few things which I want to share with you. Here they are.


The first thing I want to share with you is a small canvas. I recently bought some new colours of quality acrylic paint and wanted to try them. I actually do love them in this combination. This canvas was inspired by Donna Downey.


Then I still had quite some paint on my palette and couldn't just throw it out. So I decided to use it in my art journal. The basics are the same, but this time the quote was the most important thing on this layout.


This assignment was the biggest challenge for me. I had to work with a sketch. Although I have used sketches in the past, I can't work with them anymore. I actually think they limit your creativity if you really have to stick to them.
This sketch was not really my style which made it even more difficult to finish this layout. But eventually I did finish it. It is not my best work ever, but I can live with it.


Then there was this other huge challenge. Use the ugliest paper you have and make your prettiest layout ever. Well, that didn't really work out. But I love that I only used my own handmade flowers on this layout.


For this assigment we weren't allowed to use words on the layout, but had to use at least 5 letters. Although this is really difficult for me, because I LOVE words, I also like the challenge.
I have to be honest and confess that I'll probably add some words (a title and some words on the banner).


The last layout is one I really like. All we had to do is use banners. I decided to use a lot. :) I also really like the mask by TCW I used in combination with some gesso.

Well, that was all for now. Of course I'll be back soon for some more work. Enjoy the nice weather! :D