Monday, July 30, 2012

hand carved stamp

Lately I have been watching quite some You Tube videos. It is so inspiring! Although I do have to keep track of time so I also get to creating myself. ;)
A couple of days ago I saw a video on carving your own stamp out of an eraser. That seemed like so much fun that I bougt some erasers and started carving with my craft knife.
To be honest, I didn't think it would really work out 'cause I didn't have the right tools for it (just my craft knife). But, surprisingly it worked just fine.
I drew some kind of flower onto the eraser (I couldn't find a suitable picture on Google, so I just made one myself) and started carving. After a few test stampings I got the result I hoped for. Of course it's not perfect, but that's exactly the feeling I wanted the stamp to give. I love it!

Next to the hand carving, I'm also working on a layout that's almost finished. I'll show you as soon as it is finished.


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  1. Super gaaf Marjan!!!

    Groetjes Kim