Monday, July 23, 2012

gifts and art journals

Hello everyone, I'm back and it's not even Sunday. ;) No, my holiday kind of started. :D Why I say 'kind of' you ask? Because I have two jobs and for one I'm off already and for the other one I still have to work for two more weeks. This in fact means that I have to work 2 days per week for the coming two weeks. After that I'll be completely off for three weeks.
In these three weeks we will be off to Paris, Disneyland and Brugge (Belgium). I'm really looking forward to this!
Today it's a lovely day in Holland. Finally it actually feels like summer. It really makes me feel happy.
But enough of the chit chat. I wanted to show some things I've made. First of all I want to show you the gifts I made for my two interns/trainees. They want to become speech and language therapists as well. So, I made these boxes for them which hold a lot of small things one can use during therapy.

I also gift wrapped another present. I really liked the look of that and want to show you that too.

Yesterday I felt creative and did some art journaling. I've created a double page and a single page. I do like them both. Unfortunately the glimmer of the double page is not really visible. In real life it really shines.

The single page art journal was created around this card I made during a mini workshop by Creabest. I've used Tattered Angels products on this one.

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  1. Goede tekst Marjan, heeft wel ff geduurd voor je dat in je had!

    Groetjes Kim