Sunday, May 13, 2012

mini album: my favorite things

Good afternoon everybody (or good morning, or good evening),

I'm back with a lot of photo's. :D I always love to share new projects with all of you. I myself always get inspired by the projects other people make. So, I hope I can inspire some of you as well.

A few weeks ago I shared my unfinished mini album with you. I made the base of this album during a workshop by Birgit Koopsen. It was so much fun and a lot of work. Now, I decided to finish it. First, I had to decide which theme I wanted for my mini. I decided to put in all my favorite things right now. I like it this much, that I am planning on making a mini with the same theme every year or so. Then I can keep track of the things that I liked to do during several periods in my life.
So, every spread got one big picture (as it was intended by Birgit). Some things were hard to capture in a photo (like hanging out with my friends and family). But I think it is okay like this.
Then I decided to put my journaling on small strips, just to keep things cohesive. I added titles and embellishments (most of which we made during the workshop as well). And this is the result:

I'm also working on a new layout. I'll share this one with you soon. And my Rome mini album is getting filled more and more as well. So, please come back to see the results of that.

Have a good day!


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