Saturday, September 8, 2012

art journals

Lately I've been addicted to art journaling. And the best thing is that I can use the things that appear while I'm creating for my scrap pages. :D
So, when I'm creating these pages I just go with the flow. I throw on everything I feel like without wondering if it will look good. Like, for example, I would never scribble with charcoal like I did on one of the pages if it were a scrap page. I would be terrified not knowing what it would look like. But on this page, I don't care. It doens't have to be perfect. If it's not good, I just flip the page and start over. It's that easy. You should try it. :D Enjoy!


Ps: our living room smells delicious 'cause I got some brownies in the oven. I can't wait for them to be done!!! :D

This is a new journal. It's way tinier, so I can bring it everywhere and pages don't take hours to create. This page is quite simple, but already one of my favourites.
All I used is several stamps and some glimmer glaze. I put the date stamp on the right lower corner and stamped it several times without reinking.

This next page is totally different. There's a lot going on. It's not really my favourite page of all time, but like I said before: that doesn't matter. I got to use a lot of my new stencils/masks and I love them. I loved the flowers that were in some magazine, so I tore the page out and stuck them on my page. Now you have to know that I rarely use purple. It's just not my favourite colour (although it used to be when I was little...). But I do have a distress inkpad in purple, so I used that together with some grey and blue. I also added some glimmer mist and some stamps. And then I thought it was done.

The last page I kind of like. It just might be a little too white... Anyway... I wanted this page to look like a smash book page. So I started with some watercolor in the background. Then I used a mask and some modeling paste. I mixed the modeling paste with some blue acrylic paint. I scraped it on with an old bank card and then pulled away the mask.
Then I put some random letter stickers on the right side. And then I did what was kind of scary. I just scribbled with a charcoal pencil. I thought this suited the quote I wanted to use very well. So I just did. And it was so much fun! And I actually like it. Although it looks a little weird. But I like weird. ;)
After that I put on some stamps and some masking tape. And then I wrote the quote down. I do regret that I hand wrote the entire quote. In respect I think it would've been better if I had stamped part of it. But then again, just work with it and learn from it. ;)

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