Sunday, October 21, 2012

more cards

Last week I've made a few more cards. And I would like to share them with you. The first one is the card I made for my mother a few weeks ago. I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it. But fortunately she saved the card and I had a chance to take a picture of it with my phone.
It's a quite simple card. I used paper by Pink Paislee from the London Market line. I added a doily and stamped 'happy birthday' on it. Finally I added some veneer butterflies to it and it was done.

The next card is the card for my collegue who recently gave birth to her second son. I picked up some grey cardstock and I'm in love with it already. So, I used the same base as for the two other birth cards. I love how the grey is warmer and lets the hexagons stand out more. This time I added birds instead of butterflies. I thought it was more boyish.

The next card is a card for Creabest. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary. They had several make and takes and demonstrations last Saturday. And when you gave them a birthday card, you would get a 10% discount. Of course, I still had many things on my wish list and I could use some discount. So, I made them this card (in my new favourite colour combination ;)).

And the last card I made for my sister and her husband. They got married half a year ago (wow, time flies!) and as a surprise I asked everybody at the wedding to bring a card. I would post these cards every day, so the newly weds would receive a card every single day to remind them of the special day. Unfortunately the post office messed up my plan... Although I did post a card every single day, they often received a few cards together and some days they didn't receive anything.
And I have to say I messed up my plan as well. As I noticed the cards didn't get to their home every day, I got sloppy. I usually posted two cards every other day (or even less ;)). But last week I got down to the last ones.
So now it was time for me to finish my card. I wanted them to receive my card last, so they would know it was over. I once again used the grey cardstock. I wanted to combine this with some pink colours, but my sister really hates pink. So I decided to use yellow again (just as the last card). Not so romantic in my eyes, but this suits my sister better. I did add some lace and veneer butterflies to get some of the romance in. ;)

That are all the cards for now. I finished a page in my art journal today, but I wasn't able to photograph it before the sun went down. So, you'll have to wait for that. I also have one more layout to share with you.
The upcoming week it's a school holiday over here in the Netherlands and I'm planning to create a lot of things. Of course I'll share that with you. Have a good week!


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