Friday, October 26, 2012

more projects

I've told you about it already, but didn't show you yet. I've created a new layout (like 2 weeks ago already) and finished a art journal page this week. Now I've photographed them and want to share them with you.
First up is the layout. It's a picture of a friend of mine. We went to the zoo together last summer. I love this picture of her with a sheep.
I used some modelling paste and mixed it with some grey paint. I smeared it on through a TCW mask. I love the texture! I kept the layout quite basic. I just sprayed some glimmer mist on it, added a sticker with date, some thickers for the title and wrote some journaling.

I saw some cool drawings/paintings by some great artists on YouTube and I thought: Let's try that some time. I wanted to start easily. So, I kind of copied the drawing by one of those artist. Now I feel so stupid, because I don't remember who it was. If anyone knows, please let me know.
One of the artists I adore is Leilani Joy. I absolutely adore her Alice in Wonderland paintings. I am going to try some of that to in the future.
But for now, this art journal page. I first drew the girl. Then I coloured it with some pencels (which are rather crappy I found out...) and then I used some water colour. I also used this for the background. Then I used some masks to give some interest to the hair and the background. For the background I also used some stamps and put some torn peaces of book paper on it with multi medium matte. I really loved making this!

I also wanted to share a picture of a news paper bag I made to put my gifts in for the baby I visited yesterday. But the sd card doesn't really do what I want it to do. So, I'll show you that some other time. Have a good weekend!


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