Sunday, October 30, 2011

My scrap room and a peek

Hi you guys,

here I am again with an update. Today I've been really busy working on my mini album of our trip to Rome last summer. And I thought I would give you a peek of it already. I don't want to show it completely yet, because it's not finished yet. But here is a little of what you can expect:

And besides this peek I wanted to snow you my scrap room. First of all I wanted to clean up before I took the pictures. But then I decided not to do that. Because I think you should see what it looks like when I'm working on a project. So, I did that. And I should warn you that it's really messy. Here my scrap table is:

I bought this table only like two months ago. Before that I had a really small table. I still have that one. It's on the other side of the room. And it is totally packed with so much junk! Sorry for that. But this is the space I used to work on:

On the picture of my new table you might have seen this round thingy with a lot of scrapbooking supplies clipped on to it. I'm so happy with that thing. My dad made it. It keeps my supplies so well organized! Here is a close up:

That was all I wanted to share with you today. I'll be back soon to show you what I made this past year. One of the things is a mini album made out of the cardboard box my new scrap table came in. ;)
Have a good week!


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