Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some cards

Ok, like I promised I am going to show you some projects I did last year. And I decided to start of with some cards I made.
This first one is a card I made for my sister and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend moved in with her. So I made a card to wish them all the happiness of the world together.

The next card I wanted to show you is a card I made for a friend of mine who moved in her new house with her fiancé.

A few weeks later they got married. And for that occasion I made this card. I do love the vellum I used on it.

Next up are two birthday cards. One for my cousin and the other for my sister.

I also made a card for my sister's boyfriend because he got a new job. This was the first time I used a digital stamp. It was really nice to do, but for some reason I've never done that again...

There were also some babies born in the past year. Here are two examples of cards I made.

The last card I'll show you is a card for my parent's neighbors. They moved after 30 years or so. So they've always been my neighbors when I was growing up (we never moved either). And although I don't live there anymore for 10 years now, I do feel connected to them still.

So, I guess this is enough for today. Next up I will show you other projects I made the last year. I hope you will be back to take a look at them. Thanks so much for looking. Please leave a comment so I can improve my work!


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