Sunday, November 27, 2011

It feels like Christmas already...

Good afternoon everyone,

apparently Sunday is the best day for me to blog. I noticed that most of my blogs were written on an Sunday. ;) Not so surprising, 'cause it is the most convenient day to scrap (at least, when I'm home that is).
Today I have been busy working on my Christmas cards. I already did part of it during the week. That's because I wanted to incorporate some crochet work in my cards. And fortunately that turned out quite nice in my eyes. :D
Now I can crochet more snowflakes, so I can make loads of cards like this one. They won't be all the same, but the idea will be. To give you a sneak peek, here's a picture.

I didn't want to show it in whole, because some people who will receive a card like this, read this blog too. ;)

I've also created another card this afternoon. It is for a person I know who is very ill. She's been diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to make her a card that will cheer her up a little so she has the power to fight this awful disease.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to create another page in my Rome mini album... Maybe I can do something this evening.
Well, for now I wish you all a great evening with many lights, hot chocolate and maybe even some cream on top.


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