Thursday, November 10, 2011

a hobby conference and a crochet flower

Hi everyone,

I'm back with an update. I have been quite busy lately (a lot of work related things in the evenings), but I did work on some projects.
Last Saturday I've been to a hobby conference in Utrecht. I went there with a friend and we arrived there before opening en we actually left after closing time! Wow, there is always so much to do and to see. Although I have to say I didn't really buy a lot...
We did buy some hobby stuff to use the next day. We had a so-called 'friend day' with four friends on Sunday. We decided to do something creative. And we would take something from the hobby conference to do.
It was quite hard to think of something we could do in only one afternoon which wasn't too complicated and expensive. But eventually we decided to do Décopatch (for the ones who have never heard of this: it is actually decorating anything with little pieces of torn paper).
Fortunately our friends really liked it. And the results are quite nice. We all made a piggy bank.

At the conference I also saw crocheted animals! They were so cute! And I already really liked to put crochet flowers on my scrapbook projects. So, I decided to buy some yarn and a hook. And yesterday I tried to make my first flower. After a couple of tries I kind of did it (it is still not perfect, but it does look like a flower ;))

So, I'm really excited to learn more things I can crochet. I hope to show you more of these things soon!


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